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Aloo Paratha
Gobhi Paratha
Onion Paratha
Radish Paranthas
Egg Paranthas
Paneer Paratha
Omelette with Bread
Egg Burji
Poached Egg
Egg Curry

Price List

  •     Rs. 50Plain Paranthas (1Pc.)
  •     Rs. 90Aloo Paranthas (1Pc.)
  •     Rs. 90Gobhi Paranthas (1Pc.)
  •     Rs. 90Onion Paranthas (1Pc.)
  •     Rs. 90Radish Paranthas (1Pc.)
  •     Rs. 90Egg Paranthas (1Pc.)
  •     Rs. 90Paneer Paranthas
  •     Rs. 70Omelette with Bread
  •     Rs. 60Omelette
  •     Rs. 90Egg Bhurji
  •     Rs. 70Poached Egg
  •     Rs. 190Egg Curry